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Elevate Your E-Commerce Strategy with Personalized Consultations/Inquiries

Accelerate your e-commerce success with our expert coaching calls. Join Tristan Mathews for tailored one-on-one guidance to enhance your DropShipping, Takealot, or Amazon business. Elevate your strategies, overcome challenges, and achieve your business goals faster with our personalized sessions.


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Ongoing Expert Advice

What We Can Help With

Connect with Tristan Mathews for tailored advice to elevate your business. Our consultation calls are designed for convenience and flexibility.

Inquiries for Block Seven and Source Seven Services

Use your session with Tristan Mathews as an opportunity to delve deeper into what Block Seven and Source Seven offer. This is your chance to ask questions, explore our services, and determine how we can meet your specific needs. Treat this meeting as a comprehensive inquiry session to see how our expertise aligns with your business/personal objectives.

Personalized Support and Guidance

Encountering challenges in your business journey? Our consultation calls offer dedicated support to navigate through these hurdles. In these one-on-one sessions with Tristan Mathews, you’ll receive expert advice tailored to your situation. From overcoming obstacles to finding effective solutions, our experience in the field is at your disposal for guidance.

Driving Sales and Business Growth

Our consultation calls and mentorship programs are committed to delivering results. We focus on tangible outcomes in sales growth and improved seller performance across DropShipping, Takealot, and Amazon in South Africa. With Tristan Mathews’ expertise and knowledge, we guide you towards strategies that not only foster growth but also ensure long-term success in your business.

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

Choose from our range of flexible pricing options that cater to your specific needs.

30minute Meeting

Get targeted advice and insights with a 30-minute coaching call. Ideal for quick guidance on dropshipping, e-commerce, Takealot, or Amazon selling in South Africa. This session is perfect for addressing specific questions or challenges you’re facing in your online selling journey


Direct advice on your specific e-commerce questions.
Ideal for tackling immediate challenges or queries.
Benefit from Tristan Mathews’ expertise in a compact session.
Tailored to dropshipping, Takealot, or Amazon selling.
Mentorship/Consulting Package

Unlock extensive support and comprehensive insights with our Mentorship Bundle. This package offers in-depth guidance in all aspects of e-commerce, including dropshipping, Takealot, and Amazon selling. It’s a valuable investment for those committed to long-term success and growth in the South African online market.

This bundle isn’t just about guidance; it’s about empowering you to confidently navigate and thrive in the world of e-commerce.


In-depth guidance covering all facets of e-commerce.
Ongoing assistance to navigate your entrepreneurial journey.
Develop and implement effective business strategies.
Greater depth and breadth of mentorship compared to a single session.
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