Developed and built with beginners in mind. Watch, Learn and Implement. Educational, E-Learning and Coaching Platform.

Educational Platform

Courses, Guides and Services on TakeAlot Selling and Drop-Shipping in South Africa. Let us help you get started with your online business Journey. Block Seven has partnered with Yoco, Woo-Commerce, Hostinger, WordPress and AstraOptions to bring to you a masterclass. South Africa’s most comprehensive E-commerce online education platform.

Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee On Courses.

What The Education Platform Offers

Drop-Shipping and TakeAlot Courses and Guides: With such complex and in-depth business models, one may be overwhelmed with the systems and processes required to create a successful business. Block Seven has comprehensively covered the two business models in intuitive, easy-to-understand and digital Courses with the amateur in mind. Let us simplify the process for you.

Services That We Offer:

TakeAlot Selling and Drop-Shipping Masterclass.
Consulting Services for Businesses and Individuals with E-commerce solutions.
Mentoring for Individuals embarking on the E-commerce Journey
Website and Store Development Services for Drop-Shipping and TakeAlot Selling.
TakeAlot Stores Setup Assistance.
Networking and Communication Channels via a Discord Channel.
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