Takealot Selling Series Masterclass

Module 1 | Course Introductions

Meticulously designed to cater to both aspiring entrepreneurs who are new to the world of e-commerce and seasoned sellers seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills. It encompasses a series of videos that cover a wide range of critical topics, starting from the very basics of DropShipping to more advanced concepts and strategies. In this module, you’ll find introductory videos that familiarize you with the DropShipping model, followed by detailed tutorials on setting up your online store, choosing the right products, and understanding the dynamics of online selling. The videos feature expert guidance from seasoned DropShipping professionals, including Dihan Stoltz and Tristan Mathews, who share their invaluable insights and experiences.


Introduction to the DropShipping & Takealot Masterclass with Dihan Stoltz Kickstart Your E-Commerce Success: Introduction with Tristan Mathews Building Your DropShipping Empire: Single vs. Multiple Product Store Strategy

General/Niche Store

Single Product Store

Welcome to the ‘Developing a Single Product Store for E-Commerce Success’ child module, a focused and comprehensive guide within our DropShipping Mastery Course. This module is specifically crafted for entrepreneurs and online retailers who are interested in creating a single product store, a powerful and streamlined approach to e-commerce.


Single Product Store: Website Builder Basics: Starting with Hostinger and WordPress Building an E-Commerce Store on a .co.za Domain in South Africa Single Product Store: Optimizing Your Store with Essential Plugins Single Product Store: Adding Products to Your Store Single Product Store: Designing Your Website's Header and Footer Single Product Store: Setting Up Payment Plugins, Account & Legal Pages

Module 2 | Takealot Selling

Mastering Takealot Selling,’ the second essential segment of our comprehensive DropShipping Mastery Course. This playlist is specially designed for entrepreneurs and online retailers looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by Takealot, South Africa’s leading online marketplace. In Module 2, we delve deep into the specifics of selling on Takealot, offering you a series of in-depth tutorials, expert insights, and practical strategies to succeed on this platform. This module is ideal for those who are new to Takealot as well as experienced sellers aiming to optimize their performance and sales on the site.


Introduction to Selling on Takealot Introduction to Selling on Takealot With Dihan Stoltz How to Apply to Sell on Takealot: A Step-by-Step Guide Takealot Onboarding: A Comprehensive Guide by Dihan Stoltz Navigating the Takealot Seller Portal: Expert Guidance Adding Products from SourceSeven to Takealot: A Step-by-Step Guide Takealot Success Strategies: Tips and Tricks for Effective Selling Takealot Product Listing Tutorial: How to Add Products Effectively Replenishment Shipment on Takealot Creating a Booking Account: Step-by-Step Guide with Dihan Stoltz Creating Invoices on Takealot: A Step-by-Step Tutorial Introduction to Financial Management in Takealot Selling Financial Management for Your Takealot Business Mastering Sponsored and Paid Ads on Takealot How to find winning Products for both Takealot and DropShipping API Integration for Mobile Sales Tracking Introduction to Navigating Source Seven: Your Comprehensive Guide

Module 3 | Finding Suppliers/Manufacturers

Advanced SourceSeven Use, Supplier Sourcing, and Product Importation,’ a critical part of our DropShipping Mastery Course. This playlist is designed for those looking to master the advanced functionalities of SourceSeven, discover how to find reliable product suppliers and manufacturers, and learn the intricacies of importing products into South Africa for both Takealot selling and drop shipping. By the end of this module, you’ll have a thorough understanding of advanced SourceSeven functionalities, supplier sourcing, and the nuances of importing products, setting you up for success in the competitive world of online retail.


Welcome to SourceSeven: Your Introductory Guide with Tristan Mathews Understanding Pricing and Fulfillment with SourceSeven: A Guide by Tristan Mathews Mastering SourceSeven Navigation: Comprehensive Platform Guide with Tristan Mathews Effective Communication with SourceSeven: Your Support Guide by Tristan Mathews Navigating SourceSeven: Login & Account Management Essentials with Tristan Mathews

Module 4 | Marketing + Conclusions

Dive into the dynamic world of online marketing with ‘Module 4: Comprehensive Marketing Strategies and Communication for E-Commerce,’ a pivotal part of our DropShipping Mastery Course. This module is meticulously curated to cover all aspects of marketing across various platforms, enhance your communication skills, and provide a deeper understanding of BlockSeven and Source Seven features. Module 4 is designed for entrepreneurs who want to master the art of digital marketing and effective communication in the e-commerce space. It’s perfect for those managing online stores on platforms like Takealot or using drop shipping models through Source Seven.


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